Created by Christian Blomqvist

Waldo and the Yetis

Two very large oval arenas that are connected with a enlcosed ring that wraps around the larger arena. At first, you would think that this is very close to Marathon , but the extra arena makes it a bit unique. Walking along the edge of the outdoor arena, I got some weird effects when I turned towards the wall....but it didn't hamper the game any. Supports most net modes along with co-op and even solo.


Just a small text file that explains how to make rain with Forge...You will need to know some basic mapmaking skills before trying this.


Six levels of a upcoming scenario that has proven to have a place in the Marathon community. At first, if you try to compare it to all of the other scenarios coming out right now, you will think this as ...

Joe Gets Smashed

A very large arena level that is just basically a carnage map. Ammo and weapons are few and there are a couple of aliens for those that like practice. Line of sight is so long that you get some textures smears. Assignment is incorrect in one area. Good to see a Marathon 1 map again!


A two level solo map that is really not that bad considering what the author put into it. Some basic retrieve the chip ideas but the idea of the ammo and weapons given makes this really worth your time. Magnums are the name of the game and even though there is some linear layouts, stay alive!! Some haphazard construction problems-stairs that are so tight-that you will think the player doesn't fit. Keep trying you can get through. I personally don't like floor and ceiling heights that move together on stairs. Flow is pretty good and worth the download.

Pfhor Comes to Dinner

A small rectangular net level with a few small rooms that are connected to the main hall. Ammo and weapons can be found in the smaller rooms. Four pillars in the large room gives you something to hide behind but due to the size of this one, it would probably only hold 3 to 4. Ammo is tight so conserve. This author likes holes in the floor so be careful with your steps or you will get fried with lava. This is his first level and he is asking for feedback so take the time to email him.

Toxic Waste

A three level solo adventure that IMO is much better than the authors other maps. This map still needs construction detail and sound detail, but he is getting better. A basic repair map but with some varieties. A few of the elevators were too slow, but overall a much improved effort. This guy is definitely getting better...

Enforcer Plot

Basically a run around and exterminate everything you can find solo level. I couldn't find a real story line....except kill the bad guys. I suppose the readme is the terminals.

Learn To Spell sum it up. I went down one hallway and thought, this is a cool idea and then I was stopped by dead ends right around the corner and then I thought, did the same person make this whole map. Maybe the start of more things to come. A M2/Infinity 2 level solo map that gives you some good carnage practice. Story, well, find out for yourself. The two juggers at the end can be killed with the spnkr', but you will probably fry first!!