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Air Speed Map Pack v1.1

A very tall pentagonal large net level. You get 4 versions of this map designed for you style of net play. The last two versions comes with a embedded physics model that will give you some flying time. Designed for KOTH or EMFH..flow is very good and there are a couple of secrets..there are at least 3 rings that wrap around the small arena. Access to the very top is by transport or by gernade hop off of the hill. Lots of ammo and weapons but the bigger ones are only found higher up. The higher you go the more you will be rewarded!!

update fixes a bug

Avalon's Sunset

A round open air large arena net level with a altar in the middle that acts as the hill. While a very close resemblence to Route 66, it holds ammo maybe for 4 to 5. All types of net modes supported.

eCore v1.0

I know I have said this before but just when I thought I had seen big, here comes another one. The author states that it is for 3 an optimized for 5?? Well, with three it is going to be slow, if you use to a high kpm. You will find the weapons on the outside rings and the ammo in the inside. There is a inner ring that is enclosed around the inside, with some great sniper bunkers. The marine in the bunker is able to open and close viewports and one of these bunkers has a elevator to another area and shield recharge. Some neat visual tricks and for a big group it should handle at least 4 mod...

Enforcer Plot

Basically a run around and exterminate everything you can find solo level. I couldn't find a real story line....except kill the bad guys. I suppose the readme is the terminals.

Learn To Spell sum it up. I went down one hallway and thought, this is a cool idea and then I was stopped by dead ends right around the corner and then I thought, did the same person make this whole map. Maybe the start of more things to come. A M2/Infinity 2 level solo map that gives you some good carnage practice. Story, well, find out for yourself. The two juggers at the end can be killed with the spnkr', but you will probably fry first!!

Map Mania and Conspiracy v1.1

Like the author says, "If you like dark, carmped and twisty levels than this map is for you." I personally have trouble with hallways that turn so fast that you end up with not really having a hallway. This thing does have a central area "arena" but it's not too big. Again, a triple shield recharge BUT at the end of a very long hallway. Just right for getting a missile in your back. One of those levels where you meet in a hallway and blast until one drops.

Novocaine v1.0.3

A large circular arena surrounded by a very tall wall on the outside. 4 openings in the wall leads to the outer ring with transporters that zip you to the upper ring that is at the top of the wall. The hill is the raised platform in the middle and the ball is also on this platform. 1 secret and worth your time. A very fast map with very good flow. Not a lot of detail, just flat out carnage....worth the download. Ammo might be tight with 8...

Satanic Cummerbund

A very tall net level. Enough ammo for 6 or more....and enough sniper ledges in the walls of the arena for 8. Two rectangular rooms off of the arena with transporters to the different ledges and if you play it solo, there are so many sprites that they will appear and disappear as you walk right thru them.

Slanes Map Pak 1

8 levels ranging from medium to large to very large. Shangri-La Rotunda-a remake of the classic M2 but it is round, very good work here. Sky High-in the vien of Tuncer's YAFNM, it will take 6 to 8 to keep it moving. Over and Under-great idea here for a netmap, a little jerky at times. Crossed Circuit-More like two levels here. Four Square-a little tight. Trefoil 1 and 2-1 is for smaller groups and 2 for the larger. The House of the Sun-I liked this one the best.....check these out, they should provide for some net carnage and all modes can be used...

The Prototype Wars

A 2 level solo map. The first level, was orginally released by itself a couple of months back, Hunter Chase. You are supposed to do exactly what the title states, run from Hunters. The second level, Chips Ahoy has pretty good construction, and because of the design the flow is decent. It is basically a get the chip and insert type level (repair). This guy loves compliers, it seemed eveytime I turned around, one was aiming for me.