Created by Kevin Johnstone

Monke NetPack v1.1

I really did not appreciate the other review that somebody else made for my file so I decided to delete and write my own description. This pack consists of 5 maps ranging from fairly big to fairly small. 4 out of the 5 maps has the great nuke. Ammo and gun placement is very balanced, I tried very hard to achieve that. Some of these maps are as old as Marathon 2, way back when I used to use Pfhorte. The whole layout of all of them, is pretty much based off of geometric shapes. Net games are a lot of fun with these maps. My personnal favorite map is Rearviewmirror. Have fun, Happy Happy Carnage Carnage.

Third World Think Tank

Read Me states this is a work in progress, also mentions faves in various categories i.e., music; Hendrix, Stones, Pearl Jam, Beck etc., etc. Definitely a scenario in progress. Mr. Johnstone has the right idea and no doubt has big plans. Maybe when he finishes it will Rock!

Novocaine v1.0.3

A large circular arena surrounded by a very tall wall on the outside. 4 openings in the wall leads to the outer ring with transporters that zip you to the upper ring that is at the top of the wall. The hill is the raised platform in the middle and the ball is also on this platform. 1 secret and worth your time. A very fast map with very good flow. Not a lot of detail, just flat out carnage....worth the download. Ammo might be tight with 8...