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"Pfhor One Bullet, Pfhor Two"

Arena, but a very complex one. All the elements; water, stairs, elevators, Mr. Luby rarely disappoints. One little thing though, every stripe alien is here and they’re mean. You will be very busy playing this map which says it can support up to 8 players & recommends four. Every man for himself play.

3 New/Old Monsters

A merged physics file demonstrates the 3 new ambient monsters found in infinity. Mothra, the Potatoanus and the Grendelbeast.

Air Combat

No air here. Different concept; large oval, you are underwater, totally. Weapons fire & are available floating above you. Air is not a problem. Read me is a pict with directions for swimming; hey, we all know how to do that! This is interesting. Comes with a lid/cover on pool so you're not going anywhere but staying & blasting away. Couple of hidey holes inside some columns.

An Ancient Battle

Arena type with four bases and peopled (peopled?) with every assortment of alien to come down the pike. This is a fine map, supports up to 8, probably better with 4-6. Also supports solo play. Good Deal here.

Anarchy v2.2

Complex rectangle, Arena style. Stairs up; & up more, down, & down more. Lava medium pool, really hard to get out of. Transporters everywhere; labyrinth in the basement, 2x available, assorted aliens and whacked-out Bobs galore. In summary, this is a kick-ass layout! Fun for solo, excellent for up to 8 players.

Arena Green

Green is the sewage pool in center. Raised ledges, ammo rooms, but, if you get shoved into the sewage, no damage. Dude! You can walk on water! Fast play, round & round.

Artificial Intelligence

Two rooms with different ways of killing bobs. It is pretty amusing to watch them waste themselves... amazing what you can make 'em do. Nice construction, as well.

Aye D'No v1.2

Up, down, around, and around. And around. Lots of staircases, lots of tight passageways, but plenty of open space, as well. The textures could use a little work (the Evil version seems a bit cleaner, overall), but mostly it's a great place to blow people up. Plenty of troopers, if you wanna play it solo.


Arena with off-shoot corridor areas for ammo gathering & hiding for a moment. Based on the old Mars Needs Women map. Aliens for solo ‘enjoyment’ and an Anvil patch for a Christmas effect which includes icy surfaces. Wheeeee umph! Careful!

Bad Dog

A very precise polygon with raised crosswalks connecting sides, not all that much ammo, didn't see any recharger. One catch, those drones again. They tend to snap hidden doors shut just when your aim is sure. Damn! This could be a really good ride if you like arena-type maps with a few tricks thrown in.

Barney's House

A series of squares & rectangles connected by halls, water elevators; very dark effect. No terms, no Mission. May be a first effort by author, keep going! Play Marathon! Plus, we love the name Barney!

Bigger Jumping

Level is called 'Bungie Jumping', but just jumping will do it . Circular map with small cubbyholes all up and down the outer walls of circle, contains the ammo as does floor. Probably 2 players would do it & then it's stand there & take it like a man! Should have an itchy trigger finger to play. Blam!

Bloodlust Net Death Levels

Six levels, on the whole well done. The first two are variations on a theme... and they both make it a bit too easy to die a nasty flaming death for my taste. (I prefer my net deaths to be at the hands of my coplayers...) The others, as well, contain a bit too much nastiness for my taste (crusher platforms are present a lot). One level , however, works really, really well... Additive Light has a wonderful balance of tight space and confusing architecture. The others, too, are quite fun, if you don't have my aversion to non-human killers.

Blue Water Rapids

The rapids weren't very rapid here, in fact . . . With some major overhaul this could probably work as a Net Level game. We've seen Mr. Trebes later (must be later) work, pretty good stuff. We suspect he has a nephew named Danny also (Danny's Map). Look forward to a little rework, maybe a Mission, different edition of River Ride.i>

Bob Graveyard

A simple circular arena with a surrounding corridor. Openings from the top of the corridor onto the arena provide a small amount of cover for snipers. Watch the bob room.

Bring on the Carnage

Three maps for cmd/cntrl selection, Physics model included, King of the Hill play mostly. Number one is arena style & quite fun, baddies included + an ever self-expoding Jugger. Kill map sez author. #2, lava tunnels which are off shoots from center area that looks like it should be an elevator to reach off shoots however, when you find and shoot the Launcher, Blam, you’re dead. Shoot the shotgun, balm, you’re dead. In order to reach a switch somewhere to activate center elevator, well, Blam, you're dead. No grenade hopping 'cause weapon isn't immediately available. Don't like that. ...


Always innovative & clever, Map Key 'talks' to you via author. Twists & turns, KOTH upper level (maybe, if you try, it's pretty open), tag on lower levels with waterways, teleporters, switches for . . . . fun. Mr. Smelick is an excellent map maker & takes pride in precise details while providing fun for solo players as well. Get this one.