Created by Andrew Luby

Whispers in the Night

One gigantic invisible Devlin here, kill it with your most deadly weapon then traverse corridor after corridor after . . . well, you get the idea. Looking for the data chip that contains info on experiments to turn Devlins into working drones (bleck). Of course the lights are out and 75% of the switches don't work so maybe it's a sequence thing. There is a Pattern Buffer but who needs it. The chip must be behind that airlock-type door off the Science Lab (no names from Map key) and here's to you Mr. Robinson if you can retrieve it. How much time do you have to spend in someone else's ...

"Pfhor One Bullet, Pfhor Two"

Arena, but a very complex one. All the elements; water, stairs, elevators, Mr. Luby rarely disappoints. One little thing though, every stripe alien is here and they’re mean. You will be very busy playing this map which says it can support up to 8 players & recommends four. Every man for himself play.

An Ancient Battle

Arena type with four bases and peopled (peopled?) with every assortment of alien to come down the pike. This is a fine map, supports up to 8, probably better with 4-6. Also supports solo play. Good Deal here.

Pfhor Victory

Sinking Ship. Find Data Chip. Capture Key Card. Transport off Starboard Rail, right! Or is that Left? Aft? Overboard? glub gasp glub PS Good Read Me, pay attention!