Created by Chris Smelick


A large, waterfilled level with a small island in the center (you have to swim) and some sniping platforms at either end, connected by a mostly open passageway. If you don't mind spending most of your time underwater, this map will hold a large group.

Arena Green

Green is the sewage pool in center. Raised ledges, ammo rooms, but, if you get shoved into the sewage, no damage. Dude! You can walk on water! Fast play, round & round.

Bob Graveyard

A simple circular arena with a surrounding corridor. Openings from the top of the corridor onto the arena provide a small amount of cover for snipers. Watch the bob room.


Always innovative & clever, Map Key 'talks' to you via author. Twists & turns, KOTH upper level (maybe, if you try, it's pretty open), tag on lower levels with waterways, teleporters, switches for . . . . fun. Mr. Smelick is an excellent map maker & takes pride in precise details while providing fun for solo players as well. Get this one.

Chris' Arena

Now this is fun. Baby Bob's, such cute Donald Duck voices. Roundish arena-style play, transporters back & forth to arena, big Jugger, Enforcers and a few Phfor thrown in. Doors, hallways. Pick a number for players, probably as many as 4-6. No Read Me for recommendations.

Circle of Pfhor

Arena play with teleporters off main circle, sewage pathways which could make you sneaky as you reenter arena. Very handsome, very fast!