Created by Nathan Trebes

The Hill

Geometrical, few visual cues as to where you are. Constantly regenerating baddies give you something to shoot at if you have no net connection, but a plethora of invincibility powerups make them rather impotent. Don't fall in the water... you get transported to a room with no escape, and the only way out is to sucide under a crusher.

Phore Trouble

This eclectic ensemble emphasizing second-party euthanasia echoes with experimentation. Mr. Trebes is very much a work in progress as here you will find intro's, opening screens (Hawaii?), mission sort of, some familiar levels (7 in all includes a final Net for up to "8 players"). There is enough ammo on a level with a Pattern Buffer (also) that you wonder . . . Well, enjoy the carnage and all the Juggers. What next Nathan? E for Effort as a budding Map Maker.

3 New/Old Monsters

A merged physics file demonstrates the 3 new ambient monsters found in infinity. Mothra, the Potatoanus and the Grendelbeast.

Tide Beach

An idea for putting gentle wave action on a beach scene. This uses the standard shapes and physics. All you need is a sand and BOBette in a bikini patch and you are set.

Blue Water Rapids

The rapids weren't very rapid here, in fact . . . With some major overhaul this could probably work as a Net Level game. We've seen Mr. Trebes later (must be later) work, pretty good stuff. We suspect he has a nephew named Danny also (Danny's Map). Look forward to a little rework, maybe a Mission, different edition of River Ride.i>


Don't fall off the Catwalk! The amount of ammo on arrival tells you something. "Nathan's Contest". Kill all or don't finish, simple as that, but sure is a fun way to sharpen your kill skills. Total Carnage for the foolishly brave.


A few wall textures have been replaced by lego-looking stuff, and the bobs have been replaced (mostly) by stiff-legged little lego guys (but don't kill 'em, they still use the original bob death sprites). Eh.