Created by Nathan Trebes


A few wall textures have been replaced by lego-looking stuff, and the bobs have been replaced (mostly) by stiff-legged little lego guys (but don't kill 'em, they still use the original bob death sprites). Eh.

Log Ride in the Mountains

Mr. Trebes submits a great number of Maps where the primary objective is merely to stay alive. We believe Nathan has something great just waiting to pop out. Perhaps making Maps on one's lunch hour is not the most efficient way to go, however, we appreciate the Map Maker's efforts and give him an A+ in that regard. Stay alive and go with the flow, which is considerable!

Rain Bob!

Big rectangular earthen platform surrounded by lava. Bobs fall out of sky, shoot them. Or do as we did, commit suicide by jumping into lava.

Save Bob

We're not programmed to "Save Bob", sorry. Read Me blatant ad for Mr. Trebes. What's that song by Billy Preston, going 'round in circles . . . Maybe Quick Draw McGraw.