Created by Daniel Gaskill

The Prototype Wars

A 2 level solo map. The first level, was orginally released by itself a couple of months back, Hunter Chase. You are supposed to do exactly what the title states, run from Hunters. The second level, Chips Ahoy has pretty good construction, and because of the design the flow is decent. It is basically a get the chip and insert type level (repair). This guy loves compliers, it seemed eveytime I turned around, one was aiming for me.

Hunter Chase 1.1

You are on a mission against a number of new and deadly pfhor prototypes. You have to clear out a old underground mining station and get back up to the top alive and in one piece. Well, I have to admit the film is on easy mode due to the embedded physics model and some doors that have delays. There are hunters in this one that I found myself just trying to keep away from, thus the name of the level. Some wild textures at times but some great mole tunnel caverns that I really liked. Watch out for the dead ends. The author states that this is the first in a series of maps.

Hunter Chase

This map had real potential... level construction is fun, the new hunters give you a serious adrenaline rush, and the potential for future maps in the series is great... but it's too easy to lock yourself into a dead end. (I did it.) Most of the switches have delays... so it's easy to close a one-way door and still get through it, but you won't be able to come back. Oh, well... If you're careful what you open (and close), you should have fun.