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6 French maps

Actually, 7... with outrageous accents. Mostly geometrical (big squares, or long hallways leading to other long hallways). If you can avoid the fisheyes, The Hard Machine is quite fun.


Sort of feels like a pried-open Mars Needs Women. Nice lighting, for M1. Comes with a physics model and a shotgun sound patch.

Calling Mr. Otis

You're in platform hell, and you don't get to leave until you kill everything. Or die.


A small, stair-filled arena. Due to the huge number of polys in view at any given time, this map is pretty slow on low-end machines... and it'll give you motion sickness on the back stairs on high-end ones. The upper pools hold goodies, but watch the lower ones... once you're in, you're in (until someone kills you).

Dawn of the Cyborg

A big, rambling solo level without very much to do. The author says it is his first Forge level, and he's testing ideas. Some are okay... but in general, it's a pretty slow level.

Dog & Dog Map Pack v1.0

4 levels. A pretty wide range of playstyles... the first map is quite small, with seriously fast-paced carnage (if your friends don't kill you, the hill will), but the other three are rather large. I wouldn't expect great performance of What The Hell on 040 machines... but other than that, these are pretty fun. Caesar's Palace shows an enormous attention to detail.

Flight Of The Bumblebee

A spaceship. Extremely linear. Oh, yeah, and for the first half of the map, you'll be fighting hunters with your pistol...

Hop Skip n Blast

An arena surrounded by a ring with multiple routes between them. The arena is two-tiered... there are several platforms in it, allowing travel among and through them. A couple of sniper perches provide nice shooting locations, but they're not particularly safe...

Hunter Chase

This map had real potential... level construction is fun, the new hunters give you a serious adrenaline rush, and the potential for future maps in the series is great... but it's too easy to lock yourself into a dead end. (I did it.) Most of the switches have delays... so it's easy to close a one-way door and still get through it, but you won't be able to come back. Oh, well... If you're careful what you open (and close), you should have fun.

Infinity Suicide v6

4 levels, all M2 ports. These were enjoyable in their original form, and they're enjoyable now... the smg adds quite a bit. (The Molecule might induce flashbacks...) I've gotta say, though... there's absolutely no excuse for texture misalignment on levels this small that were made with Forge. (Not that this gets in the way of our killing each other...)

Pfhive Levels for U

As the title implies, five levels. These are generally large, wide open, rambling levels, mostly well-lit. Aliens abound, and weapons range from plentiful to meager. A cool trick I don't think I've seen before was used on Doors of your Mind.

Pfhunk Dat

14 levels. (Well, really only 13... one of them is an info level.) There are five levels that were quite good in their M1 and M2 incarnations... and better here. There are three ports of classic Bungie M1 levels. And there are five new (previously unreleased) levels. In general, these are quite big (there are a couple of exceptions). Uniformly, these are well-made. Lighting is impressive, texture choices are tasteful, and level design is very entertaining. A winner of a package.


This is one big map. Some nice lighting effects, and sound is used well... but with fewer than about four, you'll feel lost. Textures are nicely spread out... you can pretty well place yourself by the walls around you. (This is a good thing, on a map this big...) A few nice secrets, for those with the time to find them.


A huge spiral staircase, with the top ending just above the bottom. Some of every monster... and every weapon. (No explodabobs.) All in a nice space setting...


A whole bunch of platforms that are invisible, except from above... set in space. Really tough to figure out where your enemies are... especially if you play with the motion sensor off. There's a catwalk around the outside for those of you who get queasy.

Stef. D.'s Package

12 levels, ranging from simple to quite complex. Some nice lighting tricks... and some texture choices that'll make your eyes bleed. Cool doors on In My House.

Tell Me If This Hurts

Feels much bigger than it is (could be the large outdoor area and the thunder...). Wide open map with great flow... You can get anywhere from almost anywhere else, and once you've played for a little while, you can do it in your sleep. The hill is not a very safe place to be...

Temple Land

A large, open arena with some fun 5D stuff in the center (good for escaping your opponents... once) and a couple of really nasty end rooms.

The Green Hills of Death

Very, very green, and very, very dark, with a very, very large number of fighters.

The Infernal Machine

A couple of large rooms on one side with a jug in 'em, some really stupid bobs that insist on freeing that jug, and a nasty crusher. There are very good reasons for braving the crusher... like the jug.