Created by Cindy Hoffa

Air Speed Map Pack v1.1

A very tall pentagonal large net level. You get 4 versions of this map designed for you style of net play. The last two versions comes with a embedded physics model that will give you some flying time. Designed for KOTH or EMFH..flow is very good and there are a couple of secrets..there are at least 3 rings that wrap around the small arena. Access to the very top is by transport or by gernade hop off of the hill. Lots of ammo and weapons but the bigger ones are only found higher up. The higher you go the more you will be rewarded!!

update fixes a bug

Pain Is My Girlfriend

This is a update of a previously posted map. But, somehow it never really got posted. I recently came back across it on a zip disk and the author (a old friend from my aol days), emailed me and brought it to my attention. A small level that has now been updated to include a bit more ammo. Flow is good in the main area of the rectangular hall, but there are some doors that you will have to manuver through. Some great sniper posts in this one. Texture choices will make you keep a sharp eye out for "net heads"