Slanes Map Pak 1

8 levels ranging from medium to large to very large. Shangri-La Rotunda-a remake of the classic M2 but it is round, very good work here. Sky High-in the vien of Tuncer's YAFNM, it will take 6 to 8 to keep it moving. Over and Under-great idea here for a netmap, a little jerky at times. Crossed Circuit-More like two levels here. Four Square-a little tight. Trefoil 1 and 2-1 is for smaller groups and 2 for the larger. The House of the Sun-I liked this one the best.....check these out, they should provide for some net carnage and all modes can be used...

Levels in map "Slane Maps 1":
Shangri-La Rotunda
Sky High
Over and Under
Crossed Circuit
Four Square
Trefoil 2
The House of the Sun