Created by Draquo

Dome Warz v1.2

A very unique large domed type arena. The effects in this one are not a first but, they are extended to a point that it will make you feel like your having a flashback. The embedded physics model gives you a float key in lieu of your run key. Some very nice visual effects with this map and some unique texture choices. Visually, worth the download...

Avalon's Sunset

A round open air large arena net level with a altar in the middle that acts as the hill. While a very close resemblence to Route 66, it holds ammo maybe for 4 to 5. All types of net modes supported.

There Can Be Only One (D)

A very big round net level with a sunken lighted area in the middle that can act as the hill. There is enough ammo in the hill but the weapons are located throughout the arena. There are sniper perches inside the surrounding walls, (access is tricky at times), with great views of the arena. The ball (skull) is located inside one of the perches. Probably best for KOTH but will support EMFH and KTMWTB. A few weapon placements are odd, spankr half in a wall and half in the arena, but other than that a pretty good arena map.

Hunting Hunters (mi)

Well, like it sounds. A small round type arena that has multiple level passageways that wrap around it. With, you guessed it, all types of Hunters in this one...


A very well designed net level that is in the design of a oval. (well sort of) Access is by a differnt type of design in the usual ring area. A fast and well built map.

Draquos House

A representation of the authors residence. Well, it's a good thing that your not given the spankr with this map. IT IS VERY TIGHT. Fists might be really good in this one, although there is plenty of weapons/ammo. Some cool construction with the different rooms. A small net map that is slow due to all of the doors, but you know that goin in.

Paradise Can Wait

A small arena with a ledge around the outside. Needs texture alignment...

Waldo for M2-Better

Another trio of Waldo World ports. The lighting on Waldo 2.0 is actually pretty nice...