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11 Netmaps

11 pretty big maps. Generally very well-constructed, but using a huge variety of textures per map (adds to eye fatigue after a while). Flow is usually pretty good, and textures are nicely aligned. Worth a look if you have a group of 4 or more.

Anderson's Tool Shed

A three-level arena-type map, with a hill on top, an outer ring below it, and access to the hill on the bottom. Very hard to keep an eye on all areas...

Bucho Needs Women

A pretty straightforward port of Mars Needs Women. Nice job, overall... The only additions are small, to take advantage of some of the improvements of the M2 engine. The intention was to create an M2 version that stayed truer to the original than most of the existing ports, both in feel and in playability. In that, it is a success.

Cherry 2000

There are eight rechargers in this map, but you probably won't be very successful at using them. Our experience was, the lowest scores were achieved by those trying to recharge. Some of the better weapons require fancy footwork.

Dyad Destruction

A symmetrical map using water cannons for rapid movement. Clean, and easy to get the hang of... very fast-paced carnage.

Industrial Strength (M2)

One side is full of canyons and ledges, the other side is a fortress. Between them is a lava river that serves more than one purpose. This map is really pretty to look at, but if you play it with aliens on, you'll never get to see that... A little bit of smearing at the bottommost corridor, where the lava comes up too high, but nothing major.

Jeff's M1 Maps

13 maps. Eight are already here, as Vertigo Maps. The other 5 are worth the download... generally, interesting-looking maps. (Some look better than they play.) One of these will make you go blind if you play it too long...

Jeff's New M2 Maps

Three maps. Dark Temple is just what it sounds like. (Pretty open though...) Mash Pit is a tiny arena, with a smaller hill surrounded by pfhorslime... looks like horribly high carnage rates. The Island is a Thunderdome-style map with the central area filled with water, and the hill reachable by retractable bridges.

King's Throne v2.0

A pretty nice KOH map-the light switch behind the hill makes the king VERY vulnerable.

Let's Put the Pfhun in Fun

Reminded me a lot of Spiral Insanity. An outside ring borders a mazelike multilevel building, with lots of ways to get around. A little jarring at first, but after playing it for a while, it starts to look quite nice. Best views seem to be while lying on your back in the outer ring, looking up...

MIS S.A.M Archive

7 levels. All are pretty simple in layout, and all have way too many baddies for net play, but they've got generally good flow... Mostly arena-type stuff, but a couple are more complicated. Not bad for burning off a little steam.


A shallow, waterfilled central arena and some interconnected passageways around the outside should keep you looking over your shoulder for that next grenade...

Spaceship Station

A very nice multilevel map. Teleporters are color-coded, to help you figure out where you're going, and lights can make hallways safe or dangerous, depending on which side of the switch you're on...


A great KOH map-incredible flow (there are lots and lots and lots of ways onto the hill, and most of them have vulnerabilities). Mostly a dark room, with a well-lit hill and four well-lit sniper towers. Looks nice, too...

Stairway to Heaven

Very simple, but it plays well. High carnage with anything more than 2...

The Revolver

Big weapons are in the center, behind a wall you have to walk up to to open. (Don't get trapped inside-the only way out is to blast your way past someone else coming in.)

Three Chips

A single-level solo map. Your goal is to collect three repair chips... two are pretty easy, one's a bit tricky. A nice little 5-D area in the middle...