Created by MIS S.A.M.

The Cog

A pretty nice medium size net level. I thought the color/design of the hill in the middle was rather good!! A small central arena (with the hill mentioned above), surround by two rings, that provide multiple paths into the center. Well, if you count the one on top of the pillars there are three rings. Pretty well built..It was kind of nice to see those bright green textures again!! Will support king of the hill very well and probably KTMWB also. Up to four players it would be ideal. I will find out if 5 is too many.

Waphle v1.0

A small net map that leads itself to tag very well. Almost a spider web type layout. One small central area with small tunnel like paths that hook to large rectangular hallway that wraps around the map. This one would be great to play EMFH. Some very tall walls outline the center area with some dark hallways that run around forever. Or, at least it seemed like it. Will support up to 8 due to the sheer layout of this one.There is one recharge but a spankr will get you if you not careful...


Very big. Starts out being a big, rambling level surrounded by a sewage canal. A single switch gives access to a Tozter and a second switch, which really ups the amount of ammo available...

Mission Almost Impossible

In the tradition of Waldo World. Nice flow, plenty of weapons and ammo. Two versions-with and without aliens.

The Pentagon

Pretty cool angular arena. Nice use of 5-D space... the unpaired teleporter leads to a nicely stocked ammo room.

MIS S.A.M Archive

7 levels. All are pretty simple in layout, and all have way too many baddies for net play, but they've got generally good flow... Mostly arena-type stuff, but a couple are more complicated. Not bad for burning off a little steam.