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Dave's Action Pack v1.1.1

Six very, very good net levels ranging from giant to huge. I won't reiterate the read me but; 1) Are you Afraid Of The Dark-check out the spiral staircase and the weapon placement. Very well constructed and very fast. 2)Clay Pigeons-Great Idea here!! 3)Everyones Mortal But Me II-remake of Bungie all time great with a couple of twists. 4)Free Fallin'-giant, all that I can say. 5)Infinite Loop-reminded me of a ride I was rode that I got sick on. Again very good design and construction, something for everyone on this map. 6)King of the Pit-see if you can find the lava switch. Great Map Design...

Hello Kittys Fun Time Toy Box

A pretty fun novelty type net map. This one gives you the weapons but not the ammo. The ammo is given to you when the aliens die....A strange but different type of map. Give it a try...

Hunting Hunters (mi)

Well, like it sounds. A small round type arena that has multiple level passageways that wrap around it. With, you guessed it, all types of Hunters in this one...

Nomad S'pht

This is a ingeniously designed patch that replaces the S'pht with these drones that are called Nomads. They are taken from the Star Trek episoded bearing the same name.


A very well designed net level that is in the design of a oval. (well sort of) Access is by a differnt type of design in the usual ring area. A fast and well built map.

Sports Maps v1.0

All types of sports are included in this map pak. You can play soccer again, pool, pinball and even bowling. The bowling and the pinball maps were the most amuzing and interesting. Some old tricks and some new ones. Seven levels in all.