Created by Dave Bailey

Marathon Greatest Hits v1.0

25 great levels spanning the whole marathon experience, collected in one place and tweaked to play properly in Infinity. Superb... get this collection if you're looking for a netpack to keep your group busy for an afternoon, or a week. Full credit to the original authors in the readme.

That Giant Splatting Sound v1.0

A central pit with a very small hill on a platform in the center, all surrounded by a large network of various-sized stairways. Lots of opportunities for all kinds of players-lurkers, ambushers, suiciders, frontal attack folk... most of the ammo is in the center, where you're most vulnerable. 'Sup to you whether you need it or not...

Dirty Tricks v1.0.1 v1.0.1

A very good small circular arena with a lighted hill in the middle. It is enclosed but accessible by small, narrow doors from a outside circular ring. The outside ring is fairly wide, it will give you enough room for wide open carnage. 4 doors along the outside wall leads to ammo, a lowered enclosed ring, (this one is really tight vertically and horizontally), and a switch that releases a horde of hunters. A very good map and fast. The homogeneous type textures fits very well with this one. Will support EMFH and KOTH.

Castle Carnage v1.0

A large net map that is just right for playing teams. Two castles spaced apart by a moat. Ammo and weapons are placed about inside each castle, with a 2x shield recharge on the top level. Some enhancements that will allow you to practice your missile jumping and if you need some work on spnkr firing, then try this one solo! You have jug's to fire at through the small openings from each castle. Great spnkr practice here. One of only two maps I have seen that work great with teams. Construction is good, hallways are tight so be prepared.

Dave's Action Pack v1.1.1

Six very, very good net levels ranging from giant to huge. I won't reiterate the read me but; 1) Are you Afraid Of The Dark-check out the spiral staircase and the weapon placement. Very well constructed and very fast. 2)Clay Pigeons-Great Idea here!! 3)Everyones Mortal But Me II-remake of Bungie all time great with a couple of twists. 4)Free Fallin'-giant, all that I can say. 5)Infinite Loop-reminded me of a ride I was rode that I got sick on. Again very good design and construction, something for everyone on this map. 6)King of the Pit-see if you can find the lava switch. Great Map Design...