Marathon Greatest Hits v1.0

25 great levels spanning the whole marathon experience, collected in one place and tweaked to play properly in Infinity. Superb... get this collection if you're looking for a netpack to keep your group busy for an afternoon, or a week. Full credit to the original authors in the readme.

Levels in map "Marathon Greatest Hits #1":
Welcome to Marathon's Greatest Hits #1
Acid Jazz
Aiieeee Mak Sicur
Carnage Palace Deeee-Luxe
Castle Carnage
Circular Death Tribute
Daily Grind
Desperate Measures
Everyone’s Mortal But Me II
The Four Pillars
Gladiator Central
Hata v4
High Anxiety
Hot-handed God of Cops
House of Pain
Kairn Fortress
Lack of Vision
Mars Needs Women
No Disintegrations
Route 66
Thicker and Chunkier
Waldo World