Dave's Action Pack v1.1.1

Six very, very good net levels ranging from giant to huge. I won't reiterate the read me but; 1) Are you Afraid Of The Dark-check out the spiral staircase and the weapon placement. Very well constructed and very fast. 2)Clay Pigeons-Great Idea here!! 3)Everyones Mortal But Me II-remake of Bungie all time great with a couple of twists. 4)Free Fallin'-giant, all that I can say. 5)Infinite Loop-reminded me of a ride I was rode that I got sick on. Again very good design and construction, something for everyone on this map. 6)King of the Pit-see if you can find the lava switch. Great Map Design and great ideas. This guy can make maps, hands down!

Levels in map "Dave's Action Pack v1.1":
Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Clay Pigeons... PULL!
Everyone’s Mortal But Me II
Free Fallin'
Infinite Loop
King of the Pit