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Daves Map Pak

A combination of 8 Infinity net levels that range from medium size to big. Two of these had bugs in them, so there will be a update soon. The other six are laid out for KOTH, but will support EMFH.

Tekus Station

A update of a previously released map. A solo level that IMO is pretty good. The author is asking for email concerning the level before committing to more. Comes with a physics model that affects some of baddies, i.e. what guns will have effect on them. Also includes two net maps, Hoover and Cartography 101. A good download and worth your time....

Toxic Waste

A three level solo adventure that IMO is much better than the authors other maps. This map still needs construction detail and sound detail, but he is getting better. A basic repair map but with some varieties. A few of the elevators were too slow, but overall a much improved effort. This guy is definitely getting better...