Created by David Ptasnik

Phreak and Phind v1.1

A medium size net level with some good detail. Two rings wrap around this small arena, one that is on the outside of the map and the other that is elevated. The hill is elevated and is not completely open to the lower small arena or upper ring. Access to the upper ring is via stairs from the arena or some fast, small stairs for the outside ring. A great KOtH map, but will also play very good EMFH. You will have to have some good aiming skills, this is not a wide open map. This level was very fast and should be fun with 3 or 6.

Daves Map Pak

A combination of 8 Infinity net levels that range from medium size to big. Two of these had bugs in them, so there will be a update soon. The other six are laid out for KOTH, but will support EMFH.