Created by Matt Dolan

In Enemy Hands v1.2

A great KOtH map. Lava based level with a central hill that is accessible by running across some lava. Some sniper mini-hills around the main hill that provide for a hard task to stay on top. There are alot of directions to protect from in this one, so be prepared. Aliens are included for solo play. This level might be misnamed so be watching for a update.


A very large net level that at times reminded me of "Kill Your Television" form M-2. Some of the ideas in this map are very good, and along with the should have alot of carnage with this one. Some very tight walkways along with some pretty neat tricks...


Another large net level from Matt Dolan. This is a smaller lava level then the Lava Lord. It supports all modes of netplay, and has a couple of shield recharge's that whould be first come first server! Visually some very nice choices with textures.(36K), and, I found some of the polys with aliens trapped inside. (monster impassable)

Lava Lord

From the title you can get the gist of this level. One small middle arena area, surrounded by connecting hallways that take some wide turns to wrap around the map. Visually nice at times, Supports alll modes, and qutie fast.

Evil at Night

A very large net map that basically is going to take a lot of players or it is going to be slow. Some good detail in the hallways and if you access the secrets in this map it really becomes BIG! A large central area surrounded by lava that rises and falls via triggers, that serves as the hill. All net modes supported plus co-op! Some good ideas and some good detail work. Be prepared, it is large.

The Square Root of Pain

A medium sized net map with some unique construction. Four large rooms, with some of the polys assigned as slow moving platforms that recend lower than ground level that surround a middle "square" that acts as the hill. The whole map is visually open to itself. Meaning you are able to pick off marines in other rooms. Weapons are distributed with this in mind and the height of the walls match perfectly. Some good ideas and some great carnage counts with this one. Supports KotH, EmfH and KtMwTB. You can play this one solo as well.