Created by Anti Fun League


A fairly large net level built with the pfhor/alien texture set. Starting points are located in small, enclosed "bunkers" that open up to the map. Some 5-D with this one along with some pretty neat tricks..Light sets are pretty good and they are set to help some of the players if you are in the right spot at the right time. Most net modes supported....except KoTh. A couple of secrets worth finding and it will easily hold eight. More of the authors maps can be found at hisweb page.

La PetiteCarnagerie

A very interesting level..I spend a hour just trying to figure out how to get to the elevated areas. I will admit I finally went into Forge and got my answer. A very big oblong arena divided into three areas. A great map for EmFH. There is a secret in this one..look at the screenshot for a clue.

LSD in the Water Supply

A medium sized KotH net map best suited for 3-6 players. The hill is reached via teleporter that is in the water. A very tight level and should work great with small groups.

Space Popcorn

Outdoor arenas in space is a good way to describe this level. This level is supposed to be similiar to the pre ride areas at Disney World in Florida. Just visiting there, I tried very hard to find the similiarties. Wasn't able to, but, some of the design ideas of this level are very good. The teleporter will take you to a pretty neat area...