Created by Adam Rose

Mine Field

A raised ring around a deep hole with lava at the bottom. Don't worry, the lava's shallow... and if you fall in (or jump in), you'll end up on top of the central flagpole. Only one way down from there...

Sphere of Carcasses

A tower, surrounded by a lava-filled moat. You can leave the tower to grab the big weapons, but the bridges are narrow... careful firing that spnkr, you might end up in the drink!

Up and Down

A simple 5D arena (or pair of arenas, to be more precise). The name comes from the orientations of the hills (which aren't actually hills, unfortunately).

Warehouse 41

A central arena with lots of twisty passageways and out-of-the-way sniper perches spread around. A nice feel to it, although some of the staircases are hard to see around.

Circle of Carnage

Pillars, lava river, lots of ways to die. There are a couple of elevated rooms off the sides, with 2x rechargers in 'em... careful, 'cause they're guardable. (Also watch for a weird bug if you leave too fast... you can end up in a glass cage at the bottom of the stairs.)

Water Ring

Two levels. The bottom is a maze of twisty passageways, with a few hiding rooms. The top is a more open circle-and-cross based around a raised pool (but still tight).