Created by Will Craig


What a beautifully designed net level. The colors in this one caught my attention right from the start. Using the new Infinity textures in unlikely places is what make this one different. Alot of corners and zigs and zags that slows the flow down, but all in all still a well designed level. There are some secrets here and the light tricks in some spots are strategically placed. A good map for KTMWTB as will as other modes of net play.

Illegitimi Non Carborundum (MI)

I first saw this map at Northwest a few months back...I do think it was for M-2 then. A very well designed arena style net level. A hill in the middle that is accessible from the above sniper ledges. Some cool tricks inside the hill and this one should give you a very fast paced net game. Only for groups of 3 or would get slow with any less. Great lighting, very good design and some great construction ideas.

All Roads Lead to Waldo World

Yet another Waldo port... this one uses the pfhor textures, and entrance to the side rooms is via teleporter instead of a door (makes it pretty hard to back out...).