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Are you Yeti to Rumble?

A standard small arena, except for the Yeti room... they don't seem to attack, as long as you stay on the ledge. Also contains some pretty disorienting elevators (ever see a river jump?).

Inpfhorno v3.0

A slick little arena. Very slow on 040 machines, but pretty nonetheless. Sort of a glorified Thunderdome (okay, very glorified). Watch the lava...

M2 Fodder Wall

A nice conversion of a Mike Neylon M1 map. Lighter than the original, I think... has an added water pit below the stairs, but I've found it's pretty hard to hit, at least from the top.

Marathon 2 Wall Extractor

Well, you might have to wait until Infinity comes out for an in situ editor, or one that can handle sprites, but this nifty little tool should help immensely in the meantime. It allows you to extract wall textures from M2 Shapes files, and save them in M1 format. You can then edit them with any of the Marathon 1 Shapes editors, and then reinsert them. I only did preliminary testing, and there are quite a few restrictions (read the docs), but it seems to do exactly what it say it'll do. Texture editors, go at it!


Thunderdome with a large pool in the center. I'm not sure if it still has a hill... The arrows in the side rooms are fun.

You Don't Need to See my ID

A pretty straightforward port of the M1 Bungie net level. It would have been nicer if the fighters had been mapped back to fighters, instead of left as ticks... they're pretty annoying.