Sound Enhancement Package v1.0

Many things of Marathon have been improved since Aleph One came out: OpenGL graphics, high-res textures, and even a couple of 3D models are made. But there's one thing that has never been improved...Sound.

This is probably because the sounds in Marathon are still quite good, but we found ways to make it even better.

This package contains the following features:

- New Sounds! Including more sounds per class and the 'Lost BoB' sounds (only the nice ones though). Now, I hear you all thinking: "New sounds? Does this means all the good old original Marathon sounds have been replaced by weird new spacy sounds?" No, many new sounds are just modified original Marathon sounds, like pitch changes or other effects.

- Improved sounds: Sound settings have been improved and many sounds have been converted into a higher quality.

- Stereo effects added: Some of the ambience and random sounds have been modded and converted into stereo sound files. These are: the Creak, Siren, Loon and the Surface explosion sounds.

Just try them out for yourself! Make sure you got 16bit sounds turned on.

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