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Ignore Zero Divides

If you play on a 68K machine, GET THIS! It's tiny, and it only does one thing, but it might just be the most useful utility out there for non-PPC owners. The biggest cause of crashes is the presence of zero-length lines in a map. This leads the cpu to attempt to divide by zero, which makes it crash... Bungie seems to have fixed the problem for the PowerPC code, but 040 and 030 owners were out of luck, before now... This little baby simply instructs your cpu to ignore any divide-by-zero operations. Run it just before you play Marathon, and you'll be free of those pesky Type 4 errors forever!

M2 Sound Converter 0.5b

Converts M2 sounds to resources, where you can edit them, and then converts them back. Still in early beta format, but functional...

Object Placement Editor 1.4

OPE is a quick way to add/remove different aliens on the net levels. Easier than doing the same thing with Mia or MME. This version fixes a few bugs.

Mia 1.0b19

The last version for Marathon 1. Changes aren't documented, but seems to be mostly pallette changes (there's now a Texture popup!). If you've got the space, definitely worth having around.

Multi Music Movie Maker v0.5

A very simple little drag-n-drop app that will concatenate a bunch of quicktime movie MIDI files into a Marathon Music file.

LiteEdit 1.0

A neat little tool for viewing, and printing the light levels for a given map. Quite handy.

Shape Shifter 0.8d68

An interesting shapes editor that allows editing of the shapes from within the program.

Plus Key Save Anywhwere

Allows 68K owners playing M1 to save their games anywhwere, without finding a save term. Doesn't work on M2, or PPCs. Includes patches for M1 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2.

Marathon 1.0 => 1.2 updater

Updates version 1.0 to 1.2. Fixes lots of mouse problems. Doesn't work on version 1.1.

Map Select 1.0

With this in your M1 folder, you can drop any map (in that folder) on it, regardless of name, and double-clicking on your Marathon app starts a game using that map. Want to use a different app? Drop it on Map Select, and it will be the one modified with new map names. Brings some of the convenience of M2 to M1...

Meta 0.1a1

Lets you convert Doom and Doom II WADs to a form Marathon can use.

NK Level Mover 1.0a2

Lets you move different levels between Map files. You can make a Map file with only Waldo World Arena in it to bring to net games, for example. (Warning: this program is incompatible with maps made with the latest versions of Pfhorte, and the author has no plans to update it.)

Save Patch

Almost the same as above. Only includes patches for versions 1.1 and 1.0. Uses the action key to save instead of... oh, I forget.

Shape Shuttle

Creates a "patcher" that contains only your changed shapes. Don't distribute huge Shapes files! Use Shape Shuttle and save up/download time!

WAD exporters

Provides very primitive tools for converting Doom WADs to Marathon maps... in a many-step, tedious process.