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Evil: Cursed-Physics v1.0

These are the Main Physics files for use with EVIL. They make the shapes work, and you need these if you plan on using a third party map that does not have physics merged into them.

Evil: Cursed-Shapes v1.0

This is the Official Shapes file for use with EVIL. To run, just double-click and select an Original Marathon Infinity Shapes file. It will do the rest.

Evil: Cursed-Sounds v1.0

This is the Official Sounds file for use with EVIL. To run, just double-click and select an Original Marathon Infinity Sounds file. It will do the rest.

Infinity 1.5 updater 1.5

This is the latest update for the Infinity engine. This update includes the ability to use sprockets for various add-ons.

Chisel 2.0.3

A great utility that allows you to draw circles and ovals easily on your map, it removes any unused lights, media and sound and, it now allows third party effects with the permission from the author. It still is able to move the entire level along the x, y and z axis. Update adds the effects folders.More info is available from his web page.

Anvil Patcher 1.0.3

Again, an update. I am not for sure what this fixes. I will take the time to find out and post the information.

Forge Patcher 1.0.3b

This is an update of the Forge map editor from Bungie. This should fix some problems with the run time errors. I personally use 1.0.2, so I am not familiar with the errors at this time.

M2 Film/Save File Converter

Gets around a bug in M2 that causes the wrong ID to be recorded in a film or saved game. Ever returned to a saved game, and have it jump to the corresponding Bungie level when you advanced? This program will fix that problem!

Marathon Film Renamer v1.2

Allows drag and drop renaming of films, including level and game type. This is very convenient for people that are storing alot of films and have no idea which level they go with. This will allow you to name and keep, hopefully just a little better tract. Handles the M2 bug where the film on the non gathering machine records the wrong map ID. Also works on M1 maps. Update now works with Infinity maps as well, it will let you mix or match M1-2-Infinity films!!

Mara OS

About MaraOS. MaraOS, formerly called Marathon Runner, is an application that makes it easier to manage all the different Marathon accessory files (modules) you might have accumulated. The usual way to do this involves a lot of copying, moving, renaming, and forgetting. I wrote MaraOS to make this process somewhat simpler- it moves files to their proper place and renames them, freeing you to organize and name modules as you see fit. By keeping track of names and locations for you, MaraOS allows you to get on with the killing with the minimum of fuss. It does this by searching for modules w...

Forge/Anvil Patchers v1.0.2

This is Bungies update to their great editors, Forge and Anvil. The Anvil updater adds a import and export feature that is great. If you are using Anvil to add palettes or the like-I strongly suggest you use this version. For sounds, use the 1.0.3 version.


Converts Macintosh M2 maps into Windows 95 M2 maps. Runs on a mac only.

M2 Wall Textures

PICT files (and Photoshop color tables) for each of the four texturesets in M2. These can be imported easily into an Infinity shapes file (using Anvil), facilitating the use of Forge for building M2 maps.

Physics Converter 1.0

A small drag-n-drop program that provides a simple way to convert between M2 and Infinity physics models.

Marathon Cheater 5.0.2

Allows you to modify saved games to give yourself obscene amounts of health, ammo, oxygen... and it works on everything from Marathon 1 (all versions) through the M2 preview, the M2 demo, the M2 full release, the Infinity Demo, and the full version of Infinity.

Infinity MaraMacros v1.1

Similar to the M2 version, these are MacsBug macros for cheating in Infinity. Install them (instructions included), and you'll be able to boost shields, weapons/ammo, oxygen... you name it, all without modifying your Marathon app or needing a saved game. Update fixes a small bug that makes it impossible to change the info on the assault rifle.

Devlin Teaser Mov

This oldversion quicktime movie was made and sent abroad to many newsgroups as a "teaser" of the upcomming large conversion project.

All MIDI 1.1.2

A small app for converting MIDI files into QuickTime movies.

The Infinity Game Wimp v1.4

Is a lot like the Marathon Cheater, but with a few differences. It's a bit more flexible (with more info) on stuff like Oxygen, Invincibility, etc (it'll give you approximate durations). It will add fist power-ups. (I don't know what this means... I didn't see any effects when I tried it). It will play your Marathon Music while it's working. (This can be cancelled.) It only works on the Infinity demo, M2 and the M2 Preview and Demo. $5 shareware. Update adds a very cool Full Map feature, and a bunch of 68K-only enhancements (save anywhere, start with extra health/oxygen, etc.)

"Lights, Floors, and Ceilings"

Have you ever made a simple marathon map, with limited lighting types ,because you never figured out how to make those smooth fluctuating lights? Or maybe you know, technically, how to do it, but never got around to it, because of the tedium of creating all those lighting types. Well, wait no more-download this package. It contains 4 one-poly maps (yes, you'll have to add your own polys to make them functional), containing smooth gradations of lights using various steps. Also contains easy lookup tables for creating staircases.