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Evil Concept Sketches

This pack contains 22 sketches from my sketchbook that pertain to Evil. They are numbered in the order they were in my sketchbook, so I am guessing that is the order in which I made them (heh, even I am not sure of what I do).

Evil Prequal Sketches

This pack contains 10 sketches from my sketchbook that pertain to the Siege of Nor'Korh. They are numbered in the order they were in my sketchbook, so I am guessing that is the order in which I made them.

Marathon Universal Patcher v3.5

Actually modifies your Marathon app to change your starting setup. You can add invincibility, weapons, ammo, health, oxygen... and you can add a save anywhere key (for both PPC and 68K!). Works on all marathon versions through Infinity 1.5. By the author of the various M2 film patchers.

Nardo Mapmaking and Tools Guide

This guide tells you everything you need to know to design and construct a Nardo level. The sounds are outlined, the textures are all described, and all the scenery and objects are listed. A very good guide laid out in DocMaker format. (Also includes a Forge updater, so your scenery objects are easier to set.)

Arbitrary Map Points

With this download you get two programs. Add Arbitrary Map Points and Create Spiral Staircase. The AMP utility will add arbitrary points to a unmerged Marathon 2 map, and, Infinity map. It is highly recommended that you read the readme before using the utility. Doing so, should help tremendously. A pretty neat little utility!

ResCompare 2.6

After many emails....I have decided to post this gem of a utility. Many have taken the ResCompare route for their shape patches....So here it is. If you need some useful info concerning this program....get it here.

Forge102 -> EvilForge102 v1.0

This patcher is for folks whose Infinity CD has Forge 1.0.2 on it. The older Infinity CDs have version 1.0.1 on them, so be sure to check which version you have first.

Forge104 -> EvilForge104 v1.0

This version of the patcher has hardly been tested at all. The EVIL Group used Forge for EVIL 1.02, so that is very sturdy, but due to popular demand I whipped this patcher up real quick, leaving out some of the time consuming v1.02 bells and whistles.

Marathon Quicktime Recorder

This utility will allow you to save Marathon 2/Infinity films in Quicktime format. Requirements are a powermac and QT 2.0. Be warned that this will generate some very large files so it is recommended that you use a film editor to cut and paste so that you end up with the best parts

Evil: Music in mp3 v1.0

This file will not work under the game, it can only be heard with a working MP3 Player. It is the Music from the EVIL scenario, set to higher quality and in mp3 format.

Sound Shrinker 1.1.2

The sound shrinker can take a sounds file from Marathon 2 or Infinity and delete all its 16-bit sounds. This will reduce it's size by a tremendous amount. A must for those with filled up HD's.This updates corrects a bug that was in 1.1.1

EMR Trilogy patcher v1.4.1

This is a patcher for the Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge Marathon1 Scenario. Use this ONLY if you have the Marathon1 game from the Trilogy Box set.

Infinity Saved Game Editor

Exactly what the title suggests. A editor utility to use with Infinity that allows you to take a saved game and change the parameters. More ammo, more health, etc.

Forge101 -> EvilForge102 v1.0

• New creator type so that maps saved with Forge for EVIL, have the right icon!

• New strings for weapons, monsters, scenery, and sounds, so that they correspond to the new EVIL environment.

• Changed the CICN resources so that they items represent the new EVIL items

• and more...

Forge/Anvil Patchers 1.0.3

This is the editor updates released by Bungie. Although Anvil will still give you problems when patching files, the sounds portion of this file has been fixed now. You will still have problems with shape files, unless there is a fix that I am not aware of. Anvil 1.0.2 is still posted for those that have files or download files that were made with this version. As of this date I have had problems opening files created with the 1.0.2.

The latest for Forge is 1.0.4, found in another archive here.

Evil: Cursed-Data v1.0

This is the Data file for use with EVIL. This should go into the base folder where the EVIL Application resides. Otherwise EVIL will not recognize or use this. Also do not rename it.

Evil: Cursed-Images v1.0

This is the Official Images file for use with EVIL. Just make sure this file gets put in with the EVIL Application, and it will be all set. Do not rename it, or EVIL will not find it.

Evil: Cursed-Maps v1.0

These are the Official Solo Scenario Maps for use with EVIL. They all have physics merged into them, and special texture assignments. You will crash if you do not use these maps within EVIL.

Evil: Cursed-Music v1.0

This is the EVIL music file. It can be used for Marathon:Infinity, and Marathon2 as well (it's a universal file). It goes where the application is, and should not be renamed or it will not play.

Evil: Cursed-Netmaps v1.0

These are the Official Net Maps for use with EVIL. They all have physics merged into them, and special texture assignments. You will crash if you do not use these maps within EVIL.