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Map Exporter v3.5

Exports Marathon2/Infinity maps in a variety of 3D formats. Useful for porting to other games, or for making cool term art for your solo scenario. Comes with source code, so you can do with it as you see fit. You can see a couple of samples of the output, imported into Bryce: AyeMakMetal.jpg (118K) and WaterlooMarblepark.jpg (200K). Updated with new info-if you already have this file, you can download just the new documentation (227K). This update adds support for the M1 format (including correct handling of texture numbering).

Chisel: Fix Alien Ammo v1.1

A chisel plugin that does one thing-it allows you to set how many alien ammo objects appear on a level. (Forge ignores these even if you place 'em... but this way, you can have a non-expiring alien weapon.) Included because it wasn't here.

Map Analyzer v1.5

Produces an amazing array of info about a map (or a folder full of maps), including all basic stats (polys, floor space, weapons availability, textureset, etc), and some aggregate stats on multiple level maps. It was inspired by MapInfo, but generates much more information. This update is a complete overhaul. There are statistics on new things (including textures, lights, liquids, and sounds), and special value statistics, and the source is completely Loren's (all of Kirill Levchenko's code has been replaced). Source is included.

Marathon Music Exploder

A tiny program that's been around forever... just lost from this server. It will take a Marathon 1 Music file and split it into individual tracks, saved as quicktime movies.

The Marathon Sound Set v1.2

Not technically Marathon sounds, but rather a MacOS 8.5 SoundSet. Pretty well done, overall... a few sounds are rough, but so were the originals.


The only game in town for PC users wanting to build maps. A few glitches, still, but all in all, a nice program. (I haven't used it, really, beyond opening it and seeing what sort of features it has... but I've done a bit of work cleaning up maps made with it, so I know about the glitches firsthand.) Shareware, $10.

Map Demerger 1.0.1

Apparently, a tool very similar to the Marathon Map Splitter. I haven't tested it extensively, but it seems to work as advertised. Not a new tool, just not here before.

Trojan trilogy patcher

This is a patcher for the Tojan Marathon1 Scenario. Use this ONLY if you have the Marathon1 game from the Trilogy Box set.

Chisel: Ambience v1.0

A very cool chisel plugin that extends the number of ambient sounds available in Marathon from 24 to 172.

Chisel: Face Objects v1.0.1

An update to a chisel plugin that allows you to specify facing direction for scenery objects. It's not new, but also not here...

Fux! 1.0.2

Are you making a scenario, and frustrated by the limitations of the Marathon Engine? Wish you could, say, enable your new weapon (which you've replaced the AR-75 with) on vacuum levels? Want to change the color shift under media? Fux! is your tool! It allows you around some of the hard-coded stuff in the Infinity application itself. (Also works with M2.) Warning-you can really screw up and crash beautifully with this program... be careful! In Bo's words, "If you don't get everything exactly right, you're fuxed."

Scalpel 1.0.2

Even better than IZD-this actually excises zero length lines from your map! Fix your maps forever, and obviate the need to run extra software when playing Marathon on a 68K machine.

Forge 1.0.4 Updater 1.0.4

An updater to bring Forge up to v1.0.4. This is the latest, and last release of forge by Bungie Software. It is claimed as the best version of them all, however some would argue that. Make your own decisions.

Anvil 1.0.3b4 backdater 1.0.3b4

Backdates Anvil 1.0.3 to the last really stable, bugfree (mostly bugfree) version available. This one has all the enhancements that they wanted to put into 1.0.3, without the really nasty sequence bug that 1.0.3 has.

Marathon Film Installer 1.0.3

The Marathon Film Installer will allow you to extract, delete or change the films found in any Marathon application (M1, M2 and M00). New in this version: it supports Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge by the MMMG. It also bears a new cool icon, thanks to Sean Patten.

Marathon Shapes Juggler v1.3

The Marathon Shapes Juggler is the next generation of the Shapes Shuttle. It allows to transfer shapes collections to and from Shapes files, to store them in Shapes suitcases and to create Shuttles for easy installing. It also corrects a couple of bugs in the Shuttle code (notably the optimization bug). New in this version: As Micro$oft would say, this version includes "tens of thousands of bug fixes". Sounds scary? It should, but maybe not for this! :-) Anyway, a must-have version.

Texture Mover

Again, at the request of David Twist from the MMMG. This util is designed to help port M1 maps to Infinity. It can take all the info about floor/ceiling/wall textures of one map, and copy it into another map. This is mainly useful if you want to nuke'n'pave a map without having to retexture everything. Although I'm not really planning on retouching it unless someone really wants me to, I thought I'd release it to the public.

Texture Switcher

The Switcher was made at the request of David Twist from the MMMG. This util is designed to help port M1 maps to Infinity. It can replace every instance of one texture with another, throughout a level. Although I'm not really planning on retouching it unless someone really wants me to, I thought I'd release it to the public.

Map Filetype Changer v1.0

This is a file type changer for use with Evil. It will fix all filetypes of maps that you drop onto it. This is so Evil will recognize your new Evil map creation.