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Bela Lugosi

From the very beginning you will get the impression of what the title of this map suggests. A very large room that has sub-rooms in the middle of it. The sub rooms are very tight and I mean tight! Teleporters take you from one room to the next but be careful, there is a ring of lava that surrounds the rooms. Large and wide corridors wrap the whole thing.

Calamity Courtyard v1.0

Two large courtyards separated by platforms and pillars. Great flow, very good lighting and enough ammo/weapons for any sized group. Very fast and loaded for carnage!


A medium sized arena that is visually great! Two rings wrap around the arena, one-that is at floor elevation and on the outside of the map. And the second one-that runs a world unit above the floor elevation that is exposed to the arean. Very good flow with this map. It is stunnily fast and it is very well thought out. The shield recharge will provide for extra shields if you are lucky enough not to get a spnkr in the back while charging up. Enough ammo and weapons to fit a large group. Comes with a physic model that is, well, give it a try...

Kessen Chu

A large 5 level solo map, that has so many sprites that I really didn't think the engine would handle it. The story line is that you are a security officer.....The story is pretty cool. Three large solo levels in this map and 2 net levels. This is a different map, one of the likes that I haven't seen before. You give it your opinion and make sure to email the author. Construction was pretty clean but some of the levels are very linear. Worth the download.

Malancanth 1.5

A good two level solo map. The first level is for ammo/weapons and information, but get all that you can. You will need it on the second level. Comes with a built in physics model that gives you two pistols? You will be able to yield superior fire power, but be forwarned, the kick from these new weapons will push you completely across the room. Good flow, pretty well laid out, story line is good and some of the baddies now die but, they will take you with them if your to close.

Marathon Quicktime Recorder

This utility will allow you to save Marathon 2/Infinity films in Quicktime format. Requirements are a powermac and QT 2.0. Be warned that this will generate some very large files so it is recommended that you use a film editor to cut and paste so that you end up with the best parts