Created by Tarmo Turunen

Veil of Maya

A very enjoyable 7 (or 4, if you want to count real levels) level scenario. A bit linear at times, but always with lots to kill, and a decent amount of ammo to kill it with. Gives a very satisfying feeling to finish. Gets two thumbs-up from the BattleCat. (And from me, as well...)

Kessen Chu

A large 5 level solo map, that has so many sprites that I really didn't think the engine would handle it. The story line is that you are a security officer.....The story is pretty cool. Three large solo levels in this map and 2 net levels. This is a different map, one of the likes that I haven't seen before. You give it your opinion and make sure to email the author. Construction was pretty clean but some of the levels are very linear. Worth the download.