Mara OS

About MaraOS. MaraOS, formerly called Marathon Runner, is an application that makes it easier to manage all the different Marathon accessory files (modules) you might have accumulated. The usual way to do this involves a lot of copying, moving, renaming, and forgetting. I wrote MaraOS to make this process somewhat simpler- it moves files to their proper place and renames them, freeing you to organize and name modules as you see fit. By keeping track of names and locations for you, MaraOS allows you to get on with the killing with the minimum of fuss. It does this by searching for modules within a certain folder and presenting a dialog with pop up menus that allow you to more easily select the different modules you want to use. It tracks the following modules: Marathon Preferences, Map, Music, Physics Model, Shapes, Sounds, and different Marathon applications (such as ones whose terminal resources are patched). It then moves modules to their appropriate locations, renames them, and launches the selected Marathon application.

Basically, it's a Startup/Extension Manager kind of program, but for Marathon.

This update works with Marathon Infinity

This is the latest update from the author--it will work with Marathon, Marathon 2 or Marathon Infinity