Aleph Rubicon v1.0

This will let you play Marathon Rubicon using the newest version of Aleph One(not NIBS, just Carbon).

NOTE FOR WINDOWS USERS: This may work, no guarantees, in order for it to work, you must use a Windows version of Aleph One.

NOTE: when you start up, it will give an error about Physics Models, hit "OK" and don't worry about it.

Levels in map "Rubicon Map":
Rozinante I
Honk If You're An Underpaid Cyborg
Like flies on a corpse
Five finger discount
Hairy Legs
Bump And Grind
Blasted vent cores
The gators of NY
The Exit Door Leads In
A long walk on a short pier
Not *this* again...
Core Wars
Beg, Borrow and Steal
Sodding the Logs
Molten Dihydrogen Oxide
Deep in the Aardvarks
Hex Level 73
The dog wouldn´t eat it.
The Tar and Feather Club
Wading in Vitriol
Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt
Hell Pfhor You
10001 Nordic Nerds
Frog Blasting
Sea of Slime
Okefenokee Tourist Trail
The White Room
Prize Payment Schedule
just a little further
people under the stairs
Cow Pushing
Revenge of The Lysol Lady
Things may happen IV
Things may happen V
Hard Vacuum
Power Plug
I'd Rather Be A Lutefisk
Comfortably Numb
We Dream You
Science Stands Alone
The Ascension Factor
Things may happen
Sucking Cherries
Blasted Frogs
This hurts less than… uhh…
Breathing Nothing At All
Canned Air
Circle of D'eat'h
We´re waiting for the boxes…
Rozinante II
Rozinante III
Rozinante IV
Rozinante V
Rozinante VI
Rozinante VII
Rozinante VIII
Rozinante IX
Rozinante X
Rozinante XI
Things may happen
Things may happen
Blasting Cherries
Drinking Vitriol