Created by Jonas Bjarnehall

Armed Robbery

A straightforward Infinity scenario, NOT! The author has a few tricks up his sleeve. Pick up the chips & insert, wha? where? A 4 level scenario that will keep you backtracking & wondering where to go next. It may be difficult to get to the next level here, you know how Durandal is . . . Pattern Buffers are strategically placed as are weapons. A good effort by the author, let's hope heís busy creating more maps, using diverse textures and will continue to create Infinity projects. What were those two F'lickta up to by the way, hummmm, looked naughty.

Just Do It

A very well constructed two level solo map that will have you retracing your steps many times. No terminals, not a whole lot of detail but some great ideas along with some very good construction. This author has come a long way since his first map and make sure you take the time to send him some email. I was stuck forever on this thing before I finally found my way. It is possible to finish so keep trying and make sure that you explore EVERYWHERE. The second level is really just the end so once you get through the first, you are practically done.

Live and Let Die

A very large single level solo map. Lots and lots of bad guys, most of which trigger at just the right time. This level is very linear-hit every switch, etc...