Created by Jeremy Young

Siege of Crumus'mar Demo v1.2

A four-level preview of an upcoming scenario, plus 2 net maps. This is being released for Aleph One because the mapmaking's complicated enough that Infinity can't handle it (long line-of-sight errors).

Polyus Maximus

A 1023 poly experiment. It started as a test of the limits of the Aleph One engine. It ended as a very playable single level solo map.

Capture the Skull

Recommends at least four players, prefers eight. Author says to form Teams & capture the ball. Definitely a playing field setup with some very annoying aliens and a few radical Bobs fighting among themselves, another distraction. Pretty good. Team with most time with the ball wins. Not an actual ball, however. Only complaint, no rechargers/life canisters. So you end up with fast & furious. Cool!