Created by Bernd Schneider

BOB-Tempus Irae

Nine maps in all from TI.1 - TI.9; 20K up to 28K, includes two Physics models to give you that extra BLOOD! Pretty funny. TI textures are always handsome & here you get an assortment of arenas/squares/circles/King of the Hill, etc. Pretty cramped, very small spaces, with a few aliens thrown in just so you can test the Physics files. Would be pretty fast & short we believe, but you be the judge. This is a Marathon fan from Germany which gives your death scream a slight accent when you pass away.

Bob Tiles

It's hard to tell from my screenshot, but this texture patch gives you textures that are psuedo 1960's. At least that is how they looked to me. The best set of textures in the bunch seemed to be the pfhor group. Alot of Peter Max looking swirls and neons combine to give you a completely different world of Marathon. Worth the download if for no other reason than to just check out another authors perspective.