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HabitTrail of Death

A large map, consisting of layered passages in the center, and various level-changing options around the outside. Flow seems quite good... there are a pair of rechargers, but they're pretty vulnerable to sniping action, and there's plenty of ammo to keep the game going. Comes with a totally incomprehensible film.

La Haute-Ville

A large room, with a raised central platform. The center of the platform moves, bringing you from level to level. Teleporters on the outside enhance flow. The upper section can be truly dangerous to those on the ground, since it has safety ledges to hide behind...

Round and Round the Mulberry Bush

The readme says this is your basic arena level, but that's a bit misleading... there are three open areas, two of them island-pocked pools, and the third a ring-like room. (Which is actually two rooms, thanks to the magic of 5-D space...) All are connected by narrow passageways, with a few nice secrets. Look hard for the secret ammo room, and when you find it, make sure to check out your map view!

Smell The Noise

A straightforward arena. This one's dark, and rectangular, with a couple of (well-lit) sniper perches and a few small pools to lurk in... and more than enough ammo to level a small European country. The prize goes to he who moves the fastest... there's almost no place to hide.

The Table

A two-level arena, with the "table" being a large, open area, sitting as a pillar above an encircling ring. Teleporters and secret doors in the landscape of the outer ring wall bring you to either sniper positions above the outer ring, or to the center. Ammo and weapons seem to be optimized for smaller groups.