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Agitation Arena

A big open-air arena, with enclosed killing rooms containing teleporters to sniper ledges. Simple, sweet, lots of ammo...

Circular Synapse v0.61

A well-built 5D map that's seriously confusing until you get the hang of it... and then carnage gets absurd. Don't stay on the hill for too long... it's very, very dangerous. Nice use of the portals concept. Update darkens up the outside stairways, and reshapes the portals. Overall, this is a very playable map.

Columns v1.1

Takes its inspiration from a classic M1 map (Pillars). Simple, clean, and small enough to be carnage-filled. Can actually be played in both M2 and Infinity (although I think I like the textures better in Infinity, for this one). One secret, but it's only a little one... mostly this is just a great place to kill people. Update fixes an untextured side and adds some sounds and minor tweaks.


A very nice bilaterally symmetrical open-air arena. Flow is great, with plenty of avenues to the various sniping ledges. Fun lighting, and a cool little term.

High School Brawl

A bunch of small rooms (classrooms, I suppose) leading to a larger (auditorium?) arena. The readme talks about separate map and physics files, but I've merged them... watch the hunter.

Infinity Suicide v3.0

8 levels, mostly ports from M1 suicides (mods of Bungie M1 maps), but including Electric Sheep 2 from Infinity. Some of the texture choices hurt my eyes, but as usual, layout is great, and carnage is high. Warning-there seems to be a bunch of untextured sides (shows up as smearing). Not fatal, but...


A small arena with a prison motif. Explodabobs in sealable cells (although there are goodies in there with them), and troopers as guards on the outside walls... a central hill with access from any side, or from below. Comes in two versions: one Infinity-only, one that's also M2 compatible. (The textures are the same on both, and look far better in the Infinity version.)

Land or Sea

A large level, with big open rooms joined by hallways of various widths. A large underwater area, as well... Flow is not as good as it could be, mostly because elevators are a primary mode of transportation, but they all move really slowly. Getting out of the room with the recharger, for example, is a pretty painful experience... Ammo is very scarce, for games of more than two or three people.

Let's Rock Infinity

A remake of decent M2 level. Flow is pretty good, lighting is controllable from above the main arena, and yes, there is a reason for going into the Hunters' cage...


Part two of the Interceptor Series. Two levels, both with some seriously beautiful mapmaking techniques... You're charged with protecting the Rebel Base. Keep a sharp eye out for oxygen rechargers and save buffers... you'll need 'em. This one's worth the download for the platform techniques alone.

And check out the Digestible Chunks page, for floppy-sized pieces!

Shadow of Death v1.1

Extremely Thunderdome-like. Choice of textures gives the map a gentrified feel... small enough that carnage should be very, very high. Update fixes some lighting bugs, and tweaks ammo. Like all Carnage Inc. levels, this can also be found on the author's web page.

The Succulent Nipple of Life

For anyone who ever played the M1 map Aim High, you'll recognize the feel of this map-enclosed catwalks above tall platforms and a lava-threaded base. For any who haven't, you'll find this map requires real up-and-down aiming abilities... and the skill to recover from weapon recoil. Far easier to look at in hi-res than low.

USIT v3.2

An Infinity port of an M2 map. This is based on the author's work building in Norway. This version seems to have more open space than the first one, and there were various other tweaks to take advantage of the new engine (Flechettes and lots of ammo available...).