Created by Shadi

Off He Goes v1.0

A medium sized large platform arena surrounded by a "lack of vision" type of trench. A couple of outside rooms connected by walkways that show you some great consturction efforts. I enjoyed playing this map the most. It lended itself for all kinds of play and it is well laid out. Lights and sounds are pretty basic but construction and stragedy was well thought out. IMO one of the best--the author threw some cool ideas in for the door switches. (?) Teleporters can help you if you think them through. Great map, great flow and some great "death rooms".

Off He Goes

A nice little four-room level... sort of a space station, only with daytime landscape textures. Teleporters decrease the linearity brought on by the geometry.


A very nice bilaterally symmetrical open-air arena. Flow is great, with plenty of avenues to the various sniping ledges. Fun lighting, and a cool little term.