Created by Paul Mackinney

Mr. Bob's Holiday

We're busted! Mr. MacKinney apologizes for a rather small map due to the fact he has a day Job! This is a great little map, very handsome, and you're the Bob just off vacation. AI is Caspar Gomez Garcia but you can call him Gomez. This is a great fun exercise. Leaning over your keyboard to swim just that extra foot . . . know I can make it . . . umph! And no Bobs! That in itself is worth ****s. Get this one.


A small arena with a prison motif. Explodabobs in sealable cells (although there are goodies in there with them), and troopers as guards on the outside walls... a central hill with access from any side, or from below. Comes in two versions: one Infinity-only, one that's also M2 compatible. (The textures are the same on both, and look far better in the Infinity version.)