Created by Varmint

A Day In The City

A large square arena that is enclosed by 4 two story type buildings. This is a large map so any less than 3 it would be pretty slow. Construction is great, no sounds to speak of, use of textures sometimes gets confusing, but I got used to it. Weapons are placed very well-so don't expect to be able to find everything right from the beginning. No secrets on this one, king of the hill is possible within the intersection of the middle of the map.

Cage Dancing

Cross-and-ring catwalks surround the hill, which is enclosed in a cage... the sectioned areas of the floor below provide teleporter access to the cage. You can't shoot out once you're in, and you can't escape... and it's really, really small if someone decides to join you. Good for Prisoner on the Hill games.

Chain Mail

Designed to look like it's name. Claustrophobic-you'll find yourself running into walls a lot. Mouse players will have an advantage in this one... but it got old pretty quickly for all of us.

The Impoverished King

A mazelike level, with the hill in the center. Once you're on it, you'll be there until you die... and once you run out of ammo, you won't be able to defend yourself. Each section has a route to the hill. A little claustrophobic- the ceilings aren't very high (usually).

The Warren

Large (frighteningly large), and it uses exactly one texture. Designed to look like a rabbit warren. It does. I say leave it to the rabbits.