Created by Butch Massoni

M2 Suicide v10

Six maps, conversions of Bungie solo levels (hacked to be small). A couple have really nice starting positions...

M2 Suicide v7

Again, 5 converted M1 Suicides. Couple of killers here... Peekaboo really benefits from the ambient sounds, compared to the M1 version.

M2 Suicide v6

5 more... a mix. Launching Pad is great, but really slow on slower macs... and there's a map here that reminds me how much that Alien textureset hurts my eyes.

M2 Suicide v5

5 more converted M1 suicides. The texture choices are getting much better. Mountains o' carnage...

M2 Suicide v4

5 more. Kill everyone quickly. Or die. Whichever... carnage will be high either way.

M2 Suicide v3

5 maps, again... all great maps (some of the best of the M1s), but again, the textures will hurt your eyes. (They're still fun, though...we hit 12 dpm again on a 2 player game on Cylinder...)

M2 Suicide v2

5 maps, again all converted M1 suicides. Some good maps, but pretty nasty texture choices...

M2 Suicide v1

The Suicide Maps are moving to M2... here's the first 5. Get ready for mass carnage!

Suicide v22

3 levels. These didn't thrill me as some have... and Circle Jerk has a bit of smearing if you're looking at the platform next to you as it moves (somewhat unavoidable, given the Marathon engine). Still fun, though...

Suicide V21

5 levels. A couple of them are great (Mount Pfhorabachi, Out of the Closet) and all are very playable. Up on a Pedestal is a little rough if you miss a weapon at the start, but I guess if you do, you won't live long, so it's not really a problem...