Created by Butch Massoni

Suicide V21

5 levels. A couple of them are great (Mount Pfhorabachi, Out of the Closet) and all are very playable. Up on a Pedestal is a little rough if you miss a weapon at the start, but I guess if you do, you won't live long, so it's not really a problem...

Suicide v19

4 levels (three great, one so-so). Zig Zag is too open for slower machines, but the rest are some of Butch's best. (He's been busy since I've been here last!) One game on Press Box (6 player) racked up a kill rate of 36 deaths/minute! Think fast (really, really fast) or die.

Suicide v18

3 levels (all original). All fun (use the low grav in Anybody In Here to your advantage...).

Suicide v17

3 levels (two chunks of Couch fishing and an original). He's still at it...

Suicide v16

Three more. A nice group... Fallin' to Pieces can get really, really messy with more than two players!

Suicide v15

3 maps (one modified Bungie). An odd set, but Get Yer Ass Up Here grows on you...

Suicide v14

Five more, two modified Bungie maps and three new ones. This is the best batch in a while... If you aren't light on your feet and accurate with your shots, you'll end up very, very, dead.

Suicide v13

3 more. Spanker Parlor is just Pistol Parlor (from Suicide 12) with spankers, but the other two are new. Pretty high carnage rates, even for Butch...

Suicide v10

Butch said he was done with these, but he lied. Three more levels, one modified bungie and two original. Pistol Parlor gets some nice action with pistols as the only weapon...

Suicide Collection

This is the entire set of Suicide maps created by Butch Massoni (through version 10). It includes the 49 original levels (tweaked a bit in some cases) as well as 5 new levels. There will be no more... marksmen (and women) need to check out Otis' Place.