Created by Butch Massoni

Infinity Suicide v1.0

Three new levels, all quite playable. (The readme, especially about the part that talks about these being made for Powermacs, should be heeded... the last one, in particular, is horribly slow on 040s.) The suicide tradition continues...

M2 Suicide v19

8 maps, all remakes of classic M1 suicides. The biggest change between these and their predecessors is the lighting... these are all bright and cheery, where their originals were dark and brooding. Cylinder, particularly, suffers from this... but they were all among our group's favorites, way back when, and it's great to see them again.

Killing Fields v2.5

Wow, this one has a long history... It started life as a section of Bungie's M1 solo level Try Again. Butch created one of the best M1 Suicide levels ever by cutting off outside access to this ring... the original Killing Fields can be found in several packages, including Suicide Maps v.2.

Suicide v28

Three levels, all originals (the counterparts of M2-Suicide 18). The first one is just as aptly named as its M2 counterpart, but the other two provide some serious carnage opportunities. Learning the teleporter positions on Walking Charlie is a huge advantage...

Suicide v27

Three levels, all originals (they match M2-Suicide 17). Pepper Popper is pretty cool... watch the damn bobs! Fans of Sky Diving will love Sky Diving 2.

M2 Suicide Infinity/NorKorh

It had to happen... here are the three Infinity demo levels (and one from Nor'Korh), remade for M2, in the suicide tradition. Some are recognizable, some are not... all yield extremely high death rates.

M2 Suicide v18

Three more from the long-quiet suicide master. The first one is extremely aptly named, but the other two are quite fun. Death awaits you...

M2 Suicide v17

Three more levels, all original. The first one's pretty much deadly, and the second is hard to look at... but the third is a blast.

M2 Suicide v16

4 maps (the M2 ports of Suicide 26). I like 'em much better than their M1 counterparts... there are a few bad sides (textured air) in the last one.

Suicide 26

4 maps, all original. A couple are really slow on 040 machines. These are not quite in the same style as most suicide maps. (Well, two are, but the other two are very big, with much lower carnage rates.)