Created by Butch Massoni

M2 Suicide v15

3 maps (ports of the maps in Suicide 25). A good batch, but very open-really slow on slower machines.

Suicide v25

3 maps, all original. Spanish Magic Castle is a lot of fun, but watch folks who guard rechargers...

M2 Suicide v14

4 levels, all orginal. Some very nice twists on KOH-type games... and one that wouldn't work with two people (it's called Eyes in the Back of Yer Head, and you wouldn't need 'em without a third person...). Carnage rating-very high.

Suicide v24

4 maps, M1 versions of the maps in M2 Suicide 14. These are just as fun as their M2 counterparts...

Suicide v23

3 Maps. These work better (imo) as M2 maps, although they play faster, for some reason, as M1... The M2 version is called M2 Suicide 13.

M2 Suicide v13

Three levels, all quite a lot of fun. (Swiss Cheese, especially...)

M2 Suicide v12

5 maps, all conversions of M1 suicides. We hit 12 dpm in a two-player game on Neither High nor Low...

M2 Suicide v11

7 maps, all original modifications of M2 Solo bungie levels. These are almost all great. (A couple are too big for serious carnage...)

M2 Suicide v8

5 more. Somehow these slipped through... it's a great set, though, so I'm glad they finally made it out.