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Audio Levels

A unique set of levels. Two maps that give you the titles that are associated with sounds. The best way to use this map is as a guide when using Forge. It will allow you to always know what sounds goes with their names. It took some time to put this together so make sure to Email the author and thank him for his help. These will work with Marathon 2, Marathon Infinity and Evil: Cursed.

Be Happy or Not 1.7

Download this map!! Four levels make up this adventure and probably the best part about it, it is designed for co-op play. You can also play it solo. I can't say enough good things about this map. I first played this when it was only for Marathon 2 back last November. The third level really intrigued me, at least to the point of going into Forge to figure out how he did the tricks. There are multiple paths to the end, some easier than others. Save terminals for the solo players. No Dead Ends! and with this Infinity update it basically improves overall game play.

Death Repeats

A large net level that is best played KotH. A very tall and large hill in the middle of a medium sized arena. Access to the hill is via teleporter in one of the enclosed hallways that has ammo/weapons located in it. Will support KotH, EmfH and KtMWtB. If you leave the aliens on, be careful, "they're everywhere"!

Infinity Suicide Bungie Levels v2.0

16 levels that are remakes of partial Infinity maps. These are loaded with ammo, weapons, in typical suicide style. These are done pretty well and should provide you with a high amount of kills and carnage.

Infinity Suicide Original Levels v2.0

10 original suicide levels by Butch Massoni. Some of these are visually nice as well as loaded for kills and carnage. Some pretty cool ideas for this style of map. Give these a try and have some all out carnage...

Kill 'em All v1.3

A update of a previous posted map. This update adds some passageways and adds a 1x recharge. A very good large net map with a pretty cool trick in the middle. It is not a hill! So don't think that the sewage will give you time. This map is best for EmfH and it is designed for it. Some nice visual moments along with some pretty cool tricks.

Thors Hammer v1.5

A update of a previous map posted at Midwest. This version updates a couple of light sets.

Tower of Fear

Two levels, two different styles of play. The first level has normal physics and no aliens. (It does have those Explodobobs). The second level has the "alien weapon physics model" and a different strategy. A very tall, vertical, in terms of world units, map. Can be played EmFh, or KotH. The hill being the lighted poly on the ground floor. Three different main platforms, 2 in the tower and one across the arena. Access is by long staired, weaving hallways. Some of the bob tricks are pretty funny. AND make sure you power up!