Created by Andrew Mellinger

Tower of Fear

Two levels, two different styles of play. The first level has normal physics and no aliens. (It does have those Explodobobs). The second level has the "alien weapon physics model" and a different strategy. A very tall, vertical, in terms of world units, map. Can be played EmFh, or KotH. The hill being the lighted poly on the ground floor. Three different main platforms, 2 in the tower and one across the arena. Access is by long staired, weaving hallways. Some of the bob tricks are pretty funny. AND make sure you power up!

Burn Them All v1.0

A large arena net level based on the lava texture set. A embedded physics model gives some of your weapons changes that matches the lava set. At first, I thought this map would be more of a novelty than a net map. The level starts with the arena being completely filled with lava about ankle deep. It eventually recedes and then fills again. Many sniper perches located in the arena walls are hooked together via stairs. Flow is really good with this one in spite of what I first thought. Textures are placed well and enough ammo for 6 to 8. Just don't fall off of the skinny bridges.


A very good large net map with some very cool water tricks. Just like the name suggests, this map has a central hill, or water chute that will take you up to the top where you can pick one of five chutes to be shot out of. The end of this roller coaster takes you to one of the sniper perches located at the top of the walls that enclose the arena. Will support several net modes but best suited for KotH. A very good download, just for the water tricks if for no other reason.