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Borzz Pak

This really isn't the name for this map but, I decided to call it this since you do get so much with this download. You get 1) High School Tool-a large net map with probably some of the best texture sets to be produced. Borzz was one of the first to experiment when Anvil came out and now he has updated the map. 2) Tooled By Aliens 1.1-->The same map but solo or carnage style. I tried very hard to stay alive at the Major Damage setting. Give this one a try for some cool carnage kills. 3) Borzz Outdoor Textures---> The texture patch that will change the Jjarro set to the outdoor setting

Brymen's Map Pak v1.0

Eight of the Evil:Curse net levels now available for Marathon Infinity. brymen has taken these net levels and released them in this pak for the general public. All eight levels are very good and anything I could say here would just get in the way. Download these for your next net carnage fest.

Burn Them All v1.0

A large arena net level based on the lava texture set. A embedded physics model gives some of your weapons changes that matches the lava set. At first, I thought this map would be more of a novelty than a net map. The level starts with the arena being completely filled with lava about ankle deep. It eventually recedes and then fills again. Many sniper perches located in the arena walls are hooked together via stairs. Flow is really good with this one in spite of what I first thought. Textures are placed well and enough ammo for 6 to 8. Just don't fall off of the skinny bridges.

Fight for Your Life v1.1

A very large open arena net level built using the Jjarro texture set. Very reminiscent of a M2 Bungie net level. Multiple levels make up the outside ring that runs around the arena and another "inside" ring at 1 W.U. lower. A few elevators here and there but their speed is set fast enough for good flow. Very fast and very big. Would be slow with less than 4 players. Supports KoftH, EmfH and KtmwTb.

Get In The Ring

The author says in the read me that this is a dumb map. I disagree! This is a 2 player small net level that is a mock up of a boxing ring. No ammo, no weapons and a host of fans in the audience. (hunters, security bob, regular bobs). Some very nice detail in the walls of the outside of the ring. The ring is only about 4 to 8 polys large and you must use your fists against your opponents. This is a great vid-master practice level. Maybe a novelty map, but, IMHO, this is a small net map that you can use to hone your skills.

House of Flame

A very large open air arena that is very close to a Bungie remake. Very fast and very open. I only got one smear and I believe that it was because of LOS errors. The flame thrower and all of the canisters are the only connection with the title.

Plight of Expostulation v2.0

A large net level built using the Jjarro texture set. This map has been posted previously at the archive, but, for some reason for the life of me I couldn't find it. So, here it is again. One of Richard's better maps, comes complete with a sewage chute that can be used to your advantage if you go (run) through it just right. Some beautiful visual designs and one of the fastest net maps posted tonight. Supports multiple net modes and enough ammo for 6 or more. I have misplaced the read me that goes with this map, but, make sure you email the author and he would probably send it to you.


A very good net pak with a new classification. Pseudonets-the start of a new Marathon slang, possibly?? 10 very good levels that range from medium to large. I personally enjoyed most of these and when you use the enclosed physics model, well, watch out because the Bobs mean business and they will.........I don't want to give all of this away. Another good pak-most of the levels have very good flow and this is another good collection for your carnage fests. Worth the download...


A very good large net map with some very cool water tricks. Just like the name suggests, this map has a central hill, or water chute that will take you up to the top where you can pick one of five chutes to be shot out of. The end of this roller coaster takes you to one of the sniper perches located at the top of the walls that enclose the arena. Will support several net modes but best suited for KotH. A very good download, just for the water tricks if for no other reason.

Stay Alive v1.1

A multi level large KOtH map. A square hill surrounded by a small arena with a few pillars that can get in the way if you use the spnkr a lot. A enclosed ring wraps around the arena with elevators to a upper ring that wraps the whole map. A enclosed passageway from the upper ring takes you directly to the hill. The elevators are set at a great speed and their is enough ammo/weapons for 6 to 8. Few sounds to speak of, but, this one is optimized for speed and flow. Even on the longest line of sight I got very good results. A few misaligned textures and some sharp angles, but a fast map with ...

The Legend of Carnage

A very large open air arena with a pretty big hill located in the middle. The arena that surrounds the hill is 2 W.U. lower and filled with chest high sewage. There is a outside ring that wraps around the arena that is elevated above the whole arena. It seems that this is another redo of two other maps submitted today, but, this is the better one of the three. Comes with baddies which will allow you to practice staying alive. There's a lot of them.

Water Land Map v1.2

A net map that really is made up of some very large rooms. Based on the water texture/pfhor sets, this map is loaded for all out carnage and some good KoftH play. It was made by 4 young men that are students of Richard Dierkes. They would really like some feedback so please take the time to email them and let them know. Designed for KoftH, the light texture poly in the middle fits well with the construction idea. Of course, this is their first map and for fourth graders--not too bad. Download it and give it a look.

What's Love Got To Do With It v1.1

A large outdoor arena map with a hill, well, a quasi hill placed towards the middle. Almost a outdoor version of the Stay Alive map, this one is fast too, but, the elevators are at different heights when they zip you up to the ring. Thus, flow is severely disrupted while you wait to take another ride. Some very sharp angles on some of the polys could have been avoided. Same texture choices as the map listed earlier, but overall, a pretty good effort. Will support KoTH and EMFH.A previously released map at the archive. This update now fixes some elevators and a few other tweaks.

Wisdom of Old Frustration v3.0

nother good map from Richard Dierkes. This is a large net level, but if you looked at it as it is laid out, it is really three levels that run perpendicular to the others. Richard has made some very good maps that have been posted here at the archive, this one seems to have every detail idea he had thrown into one map. At times, I felt very claustrophobic, but, once you get the lay out down...there are some really cool tricks with this one. Be careful while you recharge, this author has NEVER made a safe recharge poly.